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Bath & Body Scent List

Please note that our bath and body scents are formulated specifically for our bath and body products. In some cases you may find that the same fragrance smells a bit differently in wax vs. bath and body due to the nature of the various ingredients in our products.

  • Baja Bombsicle - Bombsicle (blue raspberry slush, cherry, and fizzy soda) blended with a frozen lime margarita
  • Baja Cactus Blossom - Fresh cactus flowers, light coconut, soothing musk, and sandalwood. B&BW type
  • Barbershop - Amber, bay rum, and musk - that comforting, old-timey scent from when grandpa came home from the barber's!
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla - Blackberries, raspberries, and white florals on a base of vanilla. B&BW type
  • Enchanted Apple - A fresh and clean red apple fragrance. Victoria's Secret type
  • Exotic Coconut - Sweet and creamy coconut with hints of vanilla and exotic musk. B&BW type
  • Golden Opium - Citron, patchouli, jasmine, cinnamon spice, and carnation on base notes of golden amber musk, clove, myrrh, and evergreen. An earthy, exotic fragrance
  • Grape Lemonade - Fresh-squeezed lemonade flavored with sweet concord grapes
  • Let's Toast - Cranberry pear champagne
  • Marshmallow Fruit Loops - Fruit loops cereal and gooey marshmallows
  • Melon Berry Bliss - Sweet mixed berries, watermelon, and a hint of apricot
  • Orange Tea Cakes - Orange and almond cake with a sip of black tea blended with bright Florida oranges
  • Paradise Reef - Nectarine, bird of paradise, waterlily, saltwater, and fresh ocean air
  • Pink Bedtime Bath - A soothing blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli, lily of the valley, and pink sugar
  • Rainbow Drops - Our version of the smell of a freshly opened bag of Skittles!
  • Rosewater & Lemon - Delicate rosewater infused with sunny lemon
  • Sacred Sandalwood - Smooth, silky sandalwood, amber, and earthy florals on a light musk base
  • Satsuma - Zesty mandarin slices and peel, bergamot, and exotic fruits
  • Tropical Soda - Tropical fruits, yuzu, sparkling waters, and fizzy soda
  • Vanilla Spearmint - Cool and refreshing spearmint leaves sweetened with creamy vanilla
  • Yoshi Eggs - Mango papaya and crunchy pears in a vanilla marshmallow milkshake