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Wax Scent List F - N

Fairy Berry Fizz - Our Candy Clouds fragrance (Lush Snow Fairy), mixed with triple berries and sweet fizzy soda

Fairy Bread - Fresh baked bread topped with strawberry jam, cotton candy frosting, and crushed candy sprinkles

Fall Farmhouse - Apple dumplings, homebrewed cider, and vanilla pumpkin marshmallows

Falling Flowers - Rain, carnations, tiger lilies, alyssum, and orchids. A nice spring bouquet fragrance.

Fancy Cake - A fluffy and rich vanilla white cake with swirled buttercream icing. Mouthwatering!

Fantasy Land - Lavender dreamsicle

Farmhouse Waffles - Pumpkin pecan waffles, maple buttercream, and marshmallow fluff

Fireside - Rich and smoky woods on base notes of sandalwood and saffron.

Fizzy Soda - You can smell the bubbles in this one! An effervescent citrusy soda, similar to Sprite.

Forever Red - Refreshing fruit and floral petals on a base of woods, marshmallow, and caramelized vanilla. B&BW type

Frankenstein - Green apple, green tea, and vanilla bean noel

Freedom (Customer Creation) - American Cream, blueberries, and white cake

French Vanilla Cookie - Rich cream, vanilla bean, and warm sugar cookies 

Fresh Air -  Lush clover, English ivy, and soft florals on base notes of fresh ozone

Fright Night - Boo berry cider donuts and cream soda

Frosted Blueberry Bread -Zucchini bread, blueberry muffins, and cream cheese frosting

Frosted Cranberry Pound Cake - Spiced cranberry lemon pound cake and cream cheese frosting

Frosted Pink Pineapples -Pineapple slices topped with strawberry cotton candy frosting and sprinkled with pink sugar

Frosting Forever - Smells like a big jar of rich, decadent buttercream frosting!

Frosty's Kiss (Customer Creation) - Spearmint candy cane vanilla bean noel

Frosty's Treat (Customer Creation) - Hot chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and peppermint sticks

Fruit Dip - Sweet oranges and red apple slices smothered in a cream cheese marshmallow fluff fruit dip

Fruit Loops - No description needed here, this smells just like your favorite childhood sugary cereal

Fruit Loop Fizz - Fruit Loops blended with fizzy soda! A best seller!

Fruit Pizza - Our Fruit Dip fragrance (apple and orange slices, marshmallow fluff, and cream cheese frosting) on a freshly baked sugar cookie crust

Gingerbread House - Warm gingerbread, vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers, and juicy raisins

Glitter Clouds - Watermelon pink chiffon cotton candy cocktail

Golden Opium - Citron, patchouli, jasmine, cinnamon spice, and carnation on base notes of golden amber musk, clove, myrrh, and evergreen. Intoxicating!

Goodie Gumdrops - Smells just like opening a bag of old-fashioned spiced gumdrops! Top notes of sweet cinnamon and clove on base notes of cassia and nutmeg.

Gooey Fruit Krispies - Fruity pebbles cereal blended into extra gooey rice krispie treats

Gooey Rice Krispies - Sweet and sticky rice krispie treats blended with extra marshmallow!

Gooey Tiki Treats (Customer Creation) - Marshmallow piña colada

Goomba Parade - Strawberry soda, sparkling orange limoncello, and saltwater taffy

Gourmet Cupcake - A rich, buttery vanilla white cake topped with white chocolate buttercream

Grandma's House (Customer Creation) - Marshmallow fireside, apple cider, and pumpkin pie

Grandma's Kitchen - A cozy and comforting apple cinnamon scent

Halloweentown - Fresh picked apples, juicy dark plums, and fallen leaves

Happy-Go-Lucky - Sweet strawberries and green apple slices blended into a frosty cotton candy lemonade

Harvest Bread - Cranberries, pears, and autumn spices blended into fresh-baked zucchini bread

Harvest Gathering - Celebrate harvest season with juicy red apple, cinnamon leaf, and ripe cranberries.

Hawaiian Ginger - A refreshing blend of pineapples, fresh melon slices, crisp apples, jasmine, ginger, and sweet musk

Hawaiian Melonade - Blue Hawaiian blended with sweet, tangy melonade

Hawaiian Sandalwood - A sunny, earthy sandalwood fragrance with hints of musk and a dash of subtle sweetness

Hello Sugar - Sweet sugar cane, lemon rind, and shortbread. B&BW type

Her Shaving Cream (Customer Creation) - Barbershop, vanilla sandalwood, black raspberry vanilla, and strawberry shortcake 

Hocus Pocus - Poison marshmallow pie and dark berry brew

Holiday Cream Cake - Crushed candy canes, whipped cream, and white cake

Holiday Eggnog - Classic eggnog with notes of vanilla cream, buttered rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove

Honey Glazed Croissant - A soft and fresh from the oven croissant with hints of warm cinnamon and ginger is surrounded by a rich golden honey glaze.

Honeydew Brew - Honeydew melon, grape soda, and cotton candy.

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows -Homemade hot cocoa with a melty marshmallow topping. Yum!

Hot Fudge Marshmallow Brownies- Warm, dense, fudgy brownies with a dollop of marshmallow fluff and a hot fudge drizzle

Hula Dance - Island plumeria, lemon, lime, and grapefruit

I Wanna Be Like You (Customer Creation) - Monkey farts, zucchini bread, and vanilla bean noel

Ice Cream For Breakfast (Customer Creation) - Creamy coffee ice cream, snickers, and marshmallow

Iced Orange - Fresh squeezed orange and crisp peppermint leaves

Icy Shine - A vibrant blend of juicy melons and fresh raspberries, middle notes of peonies and magnolias, and base notes of soft white musk. Pantene Ice Shine shampoo type

Island Cakes - Satsuma vanilla lime frosted cupcakes

Island Colada - Shaved coconut, iced vanilla bean, and white nectarine. B&BW type

Italian Cream Soda - Fizzy soda, raspberry syrup, and sweetened heavy cream

Jolly Donuts - Cranberry orange marshmallow cinnamon glazed donuts

Jolly Shake - Cranberry orange peppermint milkshake

Kettle Corn - Freshly popped buttery popcorn with a dash of salty sweetness

Kissing in the Woods - Leaves (B&BW type) blended with dusky vanilla sandalwood

Lady Marmalade - Orange spiced marmalade, apricot jam, sugar cookies, and whipped cream

Late Night Munchies (Customer Creation) - Blackberry jam butter cookies, sweet lavender, and marshmallow

Laundry Day - Gain Laundry type

Lavender Blackberry Ginger Ale - Sweet lavender and blackberries swirled in bubbly ginger ale

Lavender Blackberry Ice Cream  - Sweet lavender and blackberries blended into smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream

Lavender Candy Cane Cupcake - Sweet lavender frosted cupcakes sprinkled with crushed candy canes

Lavender Cotton Candy Supreme - Sweet lavender, cotton candy, cotton candy frosting, and whipped cream

Lavender Cupcake - Sweet lavender, fluffy white frosted cake

Lavender Chamomile - A calming herbal/floral blend of lavender and chamomile with hints of eucalyptus, ylang ylang, jasmine, and musk

Lavender Dream Fluff - Sweet lavender and strawberry white cake cotton candy

Lavender Haze - Cannabis flower, sweet lavender, and marshmallow

Lavender Iced Lemon Cookie - Warm sugar cookies and a zesty lemon glaze, sprinkled with delicate lavender petals

Lavender Laundry - Soft lavender and fresh, clean cotton

Lavender Lemon Curd - Herbal lavender blended with zesty lemons, vanilla extract, sugar, and fresh cream

Lavender Marshmallow - Sweet lavender blended with fluffy melted marshmallows

Lavender Martini - Gin martini meets lavender! Top notes of zesty lemon, orange, and carbonation combine lavender and rosewood to create a unique drink that's fizzy, fruity, floral, and sweet!

Lavender Milkshake - Sweet lavender blended into a cold, creamy vanilla milkshake

Lavender Milkshake Cake Pops - A delicious combination of our Cake Pops and Lavender Milkshake fragrances

Lavender Mint - Herbal lavender and peppermint blend

Lavender Peppermint Candy Cane - Soft lavender, fresh peppermint leaves, and candy canes

Lavender Soda - Sweet lavender fizzy soda

Lavender Tea Bread - Earl grey and apple tea, sweet lavender, and zucchini bread

Lavender Tea Cakes - Sweet lavender blended with our Tea & Cakes fragrance

Lazy Summer Days (Customer Creation) - Sweet lavender, blueberries, and fresh-squeezed lemonade

Leaves - Golden nectar, red apples, and spiced berries. B&BW type

Lemon Berry Tea (Customer Creation) - Freshly brewed black tea with blackberries and lemon slices

Lemon Cream Cake - Fluffy lemon meringue pie filling blended into a dense and creamy white cake and topped with whipped cream

Lemon Dazzle - Pink sugar, cotton candy, and lemon curd

Lemon Marshmallow Cookie - Melted marshmallows and fresh baked cookies with a zesty lemon glaze

Les Poissons (Customer Creation) - Saltwater taffy, pink sugar, mango, and champagne

Let Them Eat Cake - Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk. Tokyo Milk type.

Let's Toast To Good Times (Customer Creation) - Cranberry pear champagne

Lilac Sugar - Lilac petals, sugar crystals, and vanilla cream

Little Black Dress - Base notes of white carnation and blood orange with hints of sandalwood, black rose, vetiver, and amber. A sexy, floral perfume scent

London Calling - Earl grey tea latte (earl grey tea, vanilla bean syrup, & whipped cream) blended with fluffy lemon poppyseed muffins

Lord of Misrule - Patchouli and vanilla blend with hints of black pepper and vetiver. Lush type

Lost In The Woods - Leaves (B&BW type), autumn rain, teakwood, and cardamom

Love Spell - Victoria's Secret type.

Lovers Lane (Customer Creation) - Orange soda, pink cotton candy, and sweet lemonade

Luau - A summery blend of mango papaya, sea salt, and agave

Luigi's Mansion - Pistachio pudding cake, kettle corn, and cannoli

Magic Horn Pies - Sweet tarts, pink sugar, and pie crust

Magic Marshmallows - Our Magic Shoppe fragrance blended with marshmallow fireside to create a warm, sweet, and smoky mystical scent

Magic Shoppe - Apples, pomegranates, sugar, and clove blend to create a mysterious, dark, and fruity cider scent.

Manchurian Dragon - A fruity/exotic blend of citrus, mulberry, strawberry, and apple, with violets and rich plums on a base of sweet musk, vanilla, oakmoss, and raspberry

Mango Lemonade - Chunks of juicy mango blended into sweet lemonade

Mario's Mustache - Macintosh apple, cinnamon glazed donuts, and vanilla bean whipped cream

Marshmallow Cinnamon Bun - Fresh from the oven cinnamon buns with a sweet melty marshmallow topping

Marshmallow Confetti Bread - Our Confetti Bread fragrance (fruity pebbles and ice cream scoop bread) blended with marshmallow

Marshmallow Garland - Marshmallows and peppermint candies strung on a balsam fir Christmas tree

Marshmallow Fireside - Gooey toasted marshmallow and vanilla cream blend with rich and smoky woods. B&BW type

Marshmallow Jelly Donut - Jelly filled donuts topped with marshmallow creme

Marshmallow Lavender Lollipop - Fluffy marshmallows, sweet lavender, and sugary lollipops

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls - Sweet and salty kettle corn rolled in melty marshmallow and topped with a vanilla bean drizzle

Marshmallow Sunrise - Wake up to fresh-squeezed orange juice. sweet berries, and marshmallows

Melted Marshmallow Cookie -Warm dollops of melted marshmallow baked into delicious sugar cookies

Melted Marshmallow Crunch Berries - Crunch berry cereal blended with warm, gooey marshmallows

Melted Marshmallow Fruit Loops - Fruit loop cereal blended with warm, gooey marshmallows

Mermaid Lagoon - Salty sea air, sweet lavender, vanilla sandalwood, and pink sugar

Mermaid's Weekend (Customer Creation) - Mango marshmallow almond cotton candy

Midnight In The Woods - Leaves (B&BW type), juicy pomegranate, adn black currants

Milk & Cookies Cake - Sweet buttercream cake, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and sugar milk

Minions (Customer Creation) - Banana cream pie and banana nut sugar cookies

Mommy's Kissing Santa Claus (Customer Creation) - Snickerdoodle cookies, cranberry sauce, and whipped cream

Monkey Bread - Banana nut bread, cinnamon glazed donuts, and whipped cream

Monster House - Cranberry cobbler, cake batter ice cream, and salted caramel sugar cookies

Morning Market - Satsuma, spearmint, and rosemary grapefruit

Morning Mimosas (Customer Creation) - Ripe raspberries, juicy peaches, orange sherbet, and bubbly champagne

Mountain Melon - Mountain Dew type, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon

Mrs. Claus' Cupboard (Customer Creation) - Warm chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, and sugar milk

Mulled Apple Cider - A classic autumn treat of home-brewed apple cider, mulled with the perfect amount of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg

Mushroom Kingdom - Blackberry creamsicle coconut cream pie

My Big Fat Greek Christmas (Customer Creation) - Sweet bakery dough, honey almond, and warm cinnamon

My Friend Pooh (Customer Creation) - Honey graham crackers, blackberry jam butter cookies, and toasted marshmallows

Nag Champa - That familiar Nag Champa fragrance -- incense, patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood

Nemo (Customer Creation) - Orange creamsicle and salty sea air

New Year's Cheers - Effervescent and zesty citrus, subtle brandied cherry, and hints of cognac and amber

Night of the Living Dead - Pomegranate cider and blood orange rock candy

Ninja's Christmas (Customer Creation) - Salted caramel gingerbread eggnog

No Waffle About It (Customer Creation) - Waffle cone, caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla ice cream