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About Us

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Wonderberry Wax began in 2015 out of a passion for great fragrance and happiness-inducing products! We specialize in uniquely handcrafted wax tarts and body care products in a variety of fun scents that you can't get off the shelf at your local favorite shop.  Quality is always our number one focus -  all scent blends and new products are thoroughly tested before we offer them for sale. Buy with confidence!

About Our Wax

We use a parasoy wax blend for all of ourtarts.  The excellent scent throw of paraffin combined with the beautiful, creamy color properties of soy makes for one awesome tart! All tarts are hand-poured in small batches in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.  Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch or from the colors seen in product photos. 

The wax we use is a pillar blend, meaning it is a harder wax that is formulated to maintain its shape and ship rather well without getting smudged and smashed.  A harder wax also means that the melting point is higher, therefore it is a good idea to use warmers that reach higher temperatures when melting our wax. (20 Watt minimum, 24 Watt is ideal). If your warmer leaves a ring of unmelted wax along the edge of the bowl, it is not getting hot enough to achieve maximum scent throw. I test all of my tarts with a Glade (older model) and Mainstays brand warmers and have great luck with them.

Custom Orders

Because there are only 24 hours in a day, custom orders are no longer available. Thank you for understanding!

About Wax Melting

  • What kind of wax warmer you use matters!  Tea light, light bulb, and hot plate warmers all warm to different temperatures, releasing the fragrance into the air at different rates. There is some science to it! If you're not happy with the throw of your wax (any wax, any brand, any vendor) you may want to do some research on warmers and try something new. Everyone has different opinions on what works best.  
  • Consider the location of your warmer.  Placing it near an air vent, open window, or ceiling fan will have an effect. Experiment with different warmer locations to get the best scent throw for your home.
  • Consider the size of your room.  In a small bathroom, scent will be much stronger and fill the room quicker.  To get the same effect in a large, open area, you will probably need to use multiple warmers.
  • Less is more! Try to melt a half-ounce of wax at a time or less. Adding more wax to already-melted wax in your warmer will most likely NOT increase scent throw, rather it will only increase longevity of the scent.
  • All fragrances are not created equal!  Due to the nature of ingredients used in fragrance oils, some oils are just stronger than others.  Experimenting to find the best, strongest oils is an ongoing process and a fun part of the job for me!
  • Scent is VERY subjective.  I could have 10 different people testing the same wax and get 10 different responses on what they think it smells like.  Scent throw (how far the scent travels around the room) is also subjective. Sometimes while testing I will think a scent is too weak, but my husband will walk in and be bowled over by the strength! Noses are weird!
  • Want your tarts to last longer? Turn your warmer off once the fragrance has filled up the room.  The scent will linger and you can repeat the process several times before you need to change out the wax. Many people like to do the on/off method once in the morning and once in the afternoon to keep the smell lasting all day.
  • The cleanest and easiest way to remove wax from your warmer is to put the bowl of wax in the freezer for about 10 minutes, then the wax pops right out with no mess.  Some people also use cotton balls to soak up the hot wax, or pour hot wax directly into the trash can and wipe the bowl with a paper towel. Always use caution when handling hot warmers.


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