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Preorder Bakery Bags

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Image of Preorder Bakery Bags
  • Image of Preorder Bakery Bags

This listing opens Friday, July 13 @ 10AM CT and closes Sunday, July 15 @ 5PM CT

Bakery bags are bulk-sized bags containing 24 tarts. Each tart is the perfect size to pop in your warmer without the need for cutting!
Sharing is caring! Each bakery comes with 2 complimentary 4x6 zippered polypropylene bags for sharing with friends!

Net weight: 16-17 ounces

Scent List:
1. All About That Bake (Customer Creation) – Zucchini bread, fresh baked bread, jelly donuts, and marshmallow fluff
2. Autumn Cone – Cream cheese caramel apple pie ice cream in a waffle cone
3. Birthday Cake Shake – Birthday cake, buttercream frosting, and vanilla milkshake
4. Blackberry Fluffins – Warm cornbread muffins topped with sweet blackberries and marshmallow fluff
5. Christmas Cheesecake (Customer Creation) – Creamy eggnog cheesecake and graham cracker crust topped with sweet, tart cranberries (no spice)
6. County Fair Treat – Strawberry saltwater taffy and coconut snow cone
7. Fall Funnel Cakes (Customer Creation) – Crispy fried dough, powdered sugar, juicy red apples, sweet berries, and warm cinnamon
8. Farmhouse Waffles – Pumpkin pecan waffles, maple buttercream, and marshmallow fluff
9. Happy-Go-Lucky – Strawberries and green apple slices blended into a frosty cotton candy lemonade
10. Lacy Lingerie (Customer Creation) – Let Them Eat Cake (sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk), vanilla lace, and cotton candy frosting
11. Lolly Love – Lollipops and love spell type
12. Loopy Cotton Candy Milkshake – Fruit loops cotton candy milkshake
13. Marshmallow Popcorn Balls – Sweet and salty kettle corn rolled in melted marshmallows and topped with a vanilla bean drizzle
14. Oh My Gourd! (Customer Creation) – Pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, and pumpkin sugared donuts
15. Oh Yoshi Didn’t! (Customer Creation) – Yoshi Eggs (crunchy pears, mango papaya, vanilla marshmallow milkshake), lemon pound cake, and whipped cream
16. Peach Lava – Juicy peaches, mango sorbet, and Volcano type (sugared citrus and tropical fruits)
17. Soothing Slumber (Customer Creation) – Pink bedtime bath, rosemary mint, and French vanilla
18. Summer Bake Sale (Customer Creation) – Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, strawberry bread, and cherry swirled marshmallows
19. Sweater Shoppe – Magic shoppe, sweater weather, macintosh apple, and vanilla bean noel
20. The Pepper Special – Dr. Pepper, cotton candy, whipped cream, and a cherry on top
21. Too Hot For This (Customer Creation) – Blackberry vanilla chai tea and whipped cream
22. Volcano Soda – Volcano type (sugared citrus and tropical fruits) blended with fizzy soda

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♥ Quantities are unlimited