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RTS Scent Shots


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  • Image of RTS Scent Shots
  • Image of RTS Scent Shots

Scent shots contain approximately 1.5 - 1.7 ounces of wax and come packaged in oval portion cups. For best results, we recommend cutting each tart into 2-3 pieces and melting one piece at a time. These are not decorated with glitter or embeds but they are happy anyway! All scent shots are labeled with a scent description.

Mystery Sampler: Receive 10 randomly-selected scent shots for $18! (Feel free to leave general preferences in notes at checkout, i.e. no floral, no lavender, etc. Please do not ask for specific scents as this will ruin the "mystery!") We will not duplicate any other scent shots you purchase.

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Scent List:
1. 80's Chick – Grape bubblegum and fizzy soda
2. Amish Quilt (*New*) – A cozy, spicy cinnamon scent with hints of clove, allspice, and vanilla sugar
3. Apple Berry Spice – Juicy red apples, sweet berries, and warm cinnamon (Yankee type)
4. Aqua Di Gio – Masculine fragrance of bergamot, neroli, tangerine, freshwater, florals, and woodsy base notes (Armani type)
5. Asian Plum (*New*) – Plum, exotic orchid, jasmine, musk, and vanilla
6. Baby Powder – Fresh baby powder scent
7. Bananas Foster (*New*) – Bananas, caramel sauce, brown sugar, and vanilla
8. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies – Fresh from the oven butter cookies topped with homemade blackberry jam
9. Blackberry Marshmallow – Sweet blackberry marshmallow fluff
10. Blueberry Meringue Torte – Blueberries, lemon zest, and fluffy meringue in a graham cracker crust
11. Bombshell – Bright citrus, passionfruit, vanilla orchid, and red berries with white florals, musk, and woodsy bottom notes (VS type)
12. Bohemian Mint – Patchouli vanilla peppermint
13. Caramel Latte (*New*) – Rich caramel and smooth, creamy coffee
14. Cashmere Cream – Warm cashmere musk, sweet vanilla, and soft woods
15. Cherry Limeade – Juicy cherries, lime wedges, and bubbly soda
16. Chocolate Chip Cookies (*New*) – A rich baked cookie scent with notes of butter, vanilla, sugar, and milk chocolate
17. Chocolate Cream Pie (*New*) – A chocolate cookie crust with creamy chocolate filling and whipped cream
18. Coconut Milk & Lavender – Lavender buds, creamy French vanilla, rich coconut milk, and hints of musk
19. Coffee Shop – Freshly roasted coffee beans
20. Country Home – Orange clove, subtle cinnamon, and warm woods
21. Fresh Cut Lilac (*New*) – Fresh cut grass and fragrant lilac blossoms
22. Frosted Cranberry Pound Cake – Lemon pound cake, spiced cranberries, and cream cheese frosting
23. Gooey Tiki Treats – Marshmallow piña colada
24. Grape Blow Pop (*New*) – Grape flavored hard candy and bubblegum
25. Honeydew Birthday Cake (*New*) – Sweet honeydew-melon flavored yellow cake
26. Hot Pink Pomegranate (*New*) – Sparkling pomegranate, citrus, jasmine, violet leaf, and woods
27. Jolly Donuts – Cranberry orange marshmallow cinnamon glazed donuts
28. Juicy Watermelon (*New*) – Ripe and sweet watermelon slices
29. Lake Adventure (*New*) – A unisex scent with notes of fresh air, clean water, pine trees, woods, and musk
30. Lavender Dream Fluff – Strawberry white cake cotton candy blended with sweet lavender
31. Lavender Fair – Sweet lavender, pink strawberry lemonade, and cotton candy
32. Lavender Haze – Cannabis flower, sweet lavender, and marshmallow
33. Lavender Iced Lemon Cookie – Lemon-glazed sugar cookies sprinkled with sweet lavender petals
34. Lavender Marshmallow – Sweet lavender and fluffy marshmallows
35. Lavender Milkshake – Sweet lavender blended into a cool, creamy vanilla milkshake
36. Leaves – Golden nectar, red apples, and spiced berries (B&BW type)
37. London Calling – Earl grey tea latte (earl grey tea, vanilla bean syrup, and whipped cream) blended with fluffy lemon poppyseed muffins
38. Magnolia Bakery – Lemon sugar bundt cake sprinkled with sweet pink magnolia blossoms
39. Maple Sugar (*New*) – Warm, buttery maple sugar fragrance
40. Mountain Dew (*New*) – Classic lemon-lime fizzy soda
41. Orange Caramel Cake –Orange-flavored cake with rich caramel buttercream
42. Paradise Reef – Nectarine, bird of paradise, waterlily, saltwater, and fresh air
43. Peanut Butter Cookies (*New*) – True-to-name fresh-baked peanut butter cookie fragrance
44. Pineapple Birthday Cake – Sweet pineapple-flavored yellow cake
45. Pink Sands – Citrus fruits, sweet florals, fresh greens, vanilla, and musk (Yankee type)
46. Pink Watermelon – Fresh watermelon slices with notes of strawberry, jasmine, cassis, and vanilla
47. Pumpkin Cupcake – Freshly baked pumpkin cake topped with buttercream and dusted with sweet spices (B&BW type)
48. Rainbow Drops – House blend that smells just like Skittles candy
49. Razzberry (*New*) – Raspberries, strawberries, and vanilla
50. Red Hot Melted Marshmallows – Red hot cinnamon candies blended with gooey melted marshmallows
51. Rose Jam – Citrus, Turkish rose, geranium, and lemon (Lush type)
52. Ross [Friends Collection] – Kiwi key lime pie
53. Sleepy Hollow – Sweater weather, autumn rain, and a swirl of campfire smoke
54. Strawberry Creamsicle (*New*) – Sweet strawberries blended with orange creamsicle
55. Strawberry Lemon Ice (*New*) – Bright citrus, juicy red berries, and sparkling sugar (Yankee type)
56. Strawberry Melon (*New*) – Sweet strawberries and cantaloupe melon
57. Sunbliss – Pink jasmine petals, ocean lilies, vanilla orchid, and sea salted driftwood (VS type)
58. Sweater Weather – Eucalyptus, juniper berry, and freshly-picked sage (B&BW type)
59. Sweet On Paris - Bakery notes of blackberry, lemon, and buttery vanilla with a soft, sweet French floral background (B&BW type)
60. Vanillary – Sweet vanilla with notes of Tonka bean and jasmine (Lush type)
61. Zen Moment – Lavender, sugared citrus, white woods, and musk